Geezers Gone Bad Government Shut Down

October 7, 2013

Government Shut-down

With all the politicians attacking each other, calling names, and acting like spoiled school children I am surprised that some of them haven’t thought of using this.  “FEDERAL PRISONS RELEASE HARDENED CRIMINALS”.  Can’t you just see them going through the cell blocks releasing the prisoners and saying, “I’m sorry, you have to go home.  The government has shut down and we can’t keep you here anymore.”

I feel for any working or legitimately retired people who might be hurt by this shut down.  If the Federal Government had stopped throwing money away a long time ago we wouldn’t be in this situation.  The problem is that it doesn’t seem like most of the politicians have learned anything yet.


For awhile I will only be posting on Mondays and Thursdays on a regular basis.  I have several Copperhead Jewelry Shows coming up between now and Christmas.  I have been placing a lot of merchandise in shops to sell and my inventory is getting low.  In addition to that I have been creating some new items that seem to be in demand at the moment and it is going to take a lot of time to fill the orders for those who want them.

Having said that I just want to say that I am having a ball with the Jewelry.  One of the shop owners where I place my stuff made the comment, “This is not just jewelry, it is art that you can wear.”  Needless to say that was inspirational.   I love the fact that I can make something that people actually want to wear.

Thank you all for understanding.


Burt and Kurt – Picture Perfect

October 4, 2013

Kurt and Burt-Picture It

Almost everyone has some type of camera with them these days.  Phone, Ipad or digital camera.  If you say you saw a U.F.O or Sasquatch you had better have a picture.  If you see Elvis at a burger joint in some out of the way town in Idaho be sure you take a picture with him because if you don’t, I promise you no one will believe you.

AGAC- Motivation

October 3, 2013

AGAC Winners

This has been a motivational comic for all my viewers.  I’m not sure about you but I have been helped a great deal.  I have learned to be a winner at quitting, to quit winning, and to be smart enough to quit while I am ahead…if I ever get ahead.  Now I am going to continue my habit of setting my goals low and failing to reach them.  Y’all have a nice day.

KRUD-TV 10- That’s Tweeting

October 2, 2013

He Tweeted

You can see more of Steve Ganshert’s great play on words at his blog- Rambler

I want to apologize for not spending more time commenting on other sites the last few weeks.  I have been trying to stock some consignment stores with specific items and it seems when I come up with a new item that is the one everyone wants.  I then have to make a supply of that particular item and stock them in the stores.  I just hope they sell after I put them in.  Some of them are obviously selling because I got an email from one of the shops for me to come in and pick up a check.

After putting merchandise in several shops I now have to rebuild my inventory for a couple of fall shows that I hope to be doing later on this year.  Thank you all for all your support.


Creatures of Habit- Dangerous Times

October 1, 2013

Dangerous Times

I can understand the chickens being a little upset with the cows.  There is no excuse for that kind of bad spelling.

On the subject of Chicken, it seems that everyone is on the nugget or filet bandwagon.  Everyone is touting their all white meat chicken parts without bones as if that were a good thing.  I like chicken the way we used to cut them up.  I like the leg and thigh best but I was also fond of the backs.  When I was younger and times were hard I even enjoyed the neck from time to time.  You never see a chicken with a wishbone  (we called them the pulley bone).  Backs are now part of the breast or thigh.

I hate to attack a fellow southerner but it was all Col. Sanders fault.  He invented the art of cutting up a chicken into pieces that no one could recognize.  There have been times I wasn’t even sure it was chicken at all (but it was still finger lickin’ good). I like my dark meat chicken and I want the bone left in it.

You can have your white meat and ‘Eat Mor Chickin” if you want to, but as for me… Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.

Geezers Gone Bad- Continuing Education

September 30, 2013

Useful Skills

Sometimes I think our prison system is geared to fail.  For one thing they are now called correctional institutions.  I liked it better when they were Penal Institutions.  I am not a hard case…well maybe I am but I still think prison should be for punishment for crimes committed.  Punishment is the most successful form of correction.  One of my all time favorite movies was “Cool Hand Luke” starring Paul Newman.  If you have never seen the movie you might not understand some of this blog.  At the time I was a young boy and like everyone else I was rooting for the convicts.  Now as I look back I think the man with the reflecting sunglasses had it right.

Our judicial system is out of whack.  Our policemen are overworked and underpaid and they are blamed for crime rates when our judicial system just keeps sending hardened criminals back out on the streets with new skills that they learned in prison.

I do my best to obey all laws.  I buckle my seatbelt.  I drive the speed limit…or a little less sometimes, and I don’t tailgate.  I obey the laws because I not only respect the law,  I respect my fellow citizen.  My rights end where the next person’s begin.  My responsibility also ends where the next person’s should begin.

Music Man – Hank The Handy Man

September 27, 2013

Music Man

I would like to see that.  I bet it had to have a big strap on it.

I have a great connection on the  internet this morning and I am loading these comics to post for the next week.  In other words if you are reading this now I probably posted it last week.  I have written and posted devotionals for my church this morning at for the week.  I have uploaded these comics for this week making me several days ahead of my normal schedule. (Bet you didn’t think I had one.)  Now alas, my buffer is empty as of this writing but I have a week an a half to refill it.  I do have enough comics to start off with next week but the cupboard is lookin’ mighty bare.  I have lots of ideas, I just need a little comic time to get them ready.

Have a great weekend.  I know that I am going to give it my best shot.

Geezers Keeping in Touch

September 26, 2013

In Touch

Ooops!  Somehow I miscued and posted two comics yesterday and didn’t have anything ready to post for today.  I have an excuse, I have been busy on Facebook, keeping in touch with my kids, my family and setting up a Copperhead Jewelry page.

Now I have one less comic to post for next week which means  I need to do a couple of comics. These things don’t write themselves you know…well sometimes they kinda do but I still have to put the words on the page.

Say What!!!? Hospital Humor

September 25, 2013

Say What

Sometimes I think it might be better if they would just put you to sleep and do what they have to do than to tell you what they are going to do in advance.  I have been inspected, injected, neglected, and almost infected so many times that I can handle almost anything but there are some things I would rather not know in advance.

Some people are scared of needles.  It is the tubes that scare me.  I once had a tube run up the artery in my leg (groin area) to my heart that was about the size of my finger.  It was hooked to a machine that was actually an artificial heart that did the work for my heart so it could rest.  I have had tubes in my chest and between my ribs to drain fluid etc.  Removing those tubes is almost always very painful and never pleasant.  When they come at me with a needle I just smile.  When they come at me with a tube it scares the daylights out of me.

No Rest For the Weary

September 25, 2013

No Break

I can honestly say I always enjoyed summer when my kids were out of school.  I don’t get to see enough of my grandkids because of their school schedule either.  Just remember that you need to cherish the time you get to spend with them.  Some day you might wish you had those times back.