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Burt and Kurt – Picture Perfect

October 4, 2013

Kurt and Burt-Picture It

Almost everyone has some type of camera with them these days.  Phone, Ipad or digital camera.  If you say you saw a U.F.O or Sasquatch you had better have a picture.  If you see Elvis at a burger joint in some out of the way town in Idaho be sure you take a picture with him because if you don’t, I promise you no one will believe you.

Free Range – Burt and Kurt

September 24, 2013

K & B Free Range

Personally I would love to have some chickens in my yard but I haven’t had a lot of luck with them.  I see people with chickens running loose on their property and I find it hard to believe that they survive.  Maybe my problem was trying to raise the smaller chickens, bantams, or as most folks around here call them Banties.  I took good care of my chickens.  I let them out in the daytime and I put them up at night in what I thought was a safe chicken coop.  The raccoons and possums proved me wrong on that.

When I was down to about  8 chickens hurricane Katrina hit and all I had left was one rooster named Rambo and three hens.  Katrina had more or less wrecked their roost and  they refused to go into the chicken shack that I prepared for them.  They began to roost in the trees, much to the delight of the owls and hawks.  Rambo was a survivor but after the hens were gone he was pretty lonesome.  He would attack the stray cat that hung around Gatorhead.  We named the cat Big Boy.  Big Boy was lonesome too but he didn’t crave the attention of a crazy rooster.  My little weiner dog was afraid to go outside because Rambo would peck him in the behind every time he did.  The last straw was when we had company Rambo saw his reflection in their car and attacked a Toyota Camry.  I guess Rambo won because he didn’t have any damage and the Toyota did.

I gave Rambo to a friend who raised chickens who kept him several months.  He told me that a dog got into the chicken pen and killed a bunch of his chickens and Rambo was one of them.  I am almost certain Rambo put up a good fight.  The friend assured me that there were a lot of young chickens around who looked like Rambo.  I hope they have his survival skills.


What Kind of Crime? Burt and Kurt

August 29, 2013

K&B  Hate Crimes

I reckon Burt has a good question and Kurt certainly has a good answer.  One of the biggest problems I find is that people don’t have enough respect for human life and for other people’s property.  When it comes to crime, I reckon I hate crime…whether I am the victim or not.

Dry Run In The Garden- Burt and Kurt

August 20, 2013

Dry Run on Garden

Since I have been selling my jewelry at the Farmers Market I have come to know the people there and how much they depend on the weather.  Thankfully we haven’t had drought conditions here and they have had pretty good crops.  I really respect them and what they do.  Just like my jewelry making, they do it because they like to do it.  They certainly aren’t getting rich from their labors.  Sometimes I think I would probably go down there even if I wasn’t selling anything.  I enjoy the visits we have each week.

Can You See Me Now

July 29, 2013

Can You See Me Now

Since I have a had a productive week I have an unusual problem on my hands.  My buffer is full and I have to decide which comics to post.  I like some problems.  This week will be a mixture.  Kurt and Burt are here today.  I don’t watch many TV programs but I do like Duck Dynasty (when they come out with a new one).  I really don’t understand the beard thing.  Sometimes I might have two or three days stubble but that is about as long as my wife will let me get away with it.  Actually today’s gag is thanks to Steve Ganshert who is the co-author of KRUD-TV.  His blog is at  .  drop by his site and see how he messes with words and your mind.  Tell him Bo sent you.  Wednesday will be another post from KRUD-TV.  I liked the buffaloes enough that I think I will post them again this Friday.

The last pages of the Hank the Handy Man Comic will be posted this week on the other site Tuesday and Thursday.   Starting next Monday I will be posting on this site 5 days a week so that my comics will be on the same page everyday.  I have been posting 5 or 6 times a week anyway on both sites.  I have about 50 postcards and memes (I think that’s what they are) and I will still be posting them twice a week on the other site.  That is probably where I will do most of my blogging including any weekend updates that I post.

Of course any of this is subject to change because I am old and becoming a little senile.  I also sometimes run low on B12 and start having stupid spells where I forget stuff.  If my post become too coherent just remind me it is time for my B12 shot.

You Said What?

July 15, 2013

You Said What

Be careful of what you say.  It can come back to bite you…even years later.  I’m glad that at least no one can see what we are thinking.  I’m afraid most of us would be in trouble.

I posted some pictures of the jewelry displays I made this weekend at

Horticulture- Burt and Kurt

June 3, 2013


Beginning this week I will be posting on this site on  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays .  I will be posting on my I’ve Been Thinkin’ page at  on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

My friend Steve Ganshert has an unbelievable talent playing with words.  His blog is laugh out loud funny and can be found at   This week I drew the first settings for our new comic KRUD-TV, mostly using Steve’s proposed Headlines from his blog.  I will be posting the first of these on Wednesday.  You can get an early look at it if you check out Steve’s page tomorrow.

I will be mixing them in with my other cast of characters.  My comics have become a whole lot like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates, you never know what you will get.  It does seem like you will be getting something 5 days a week for awhile.

I will be postin’ the makeovers of Hank the Handy Man on the I’ve Been Thinkin’ site on Tuesday and Thursday.

I hope you enjoy and we welcome comments.


Clearance Sale

April 25, 2013

Bargain Politics

While I don’t think most politicians are actually takin’ bribes I do think they are greatly influenced by lobbyists and the perks and contributions they receive from them.  As far as I’m concerned there is not a lot of difference.

Government Growth

April 5, 2013


I am a firm believer that our Government is way too big, way to incompetent and has too much graft and corruption.  Now having said that I am going to spend the weekend enjoying the freedom I have in a country that is still the best in the history of Civilization, in spite of  the mistakes our government has made.  It is great because it is filled with great people.

Plain Speakin’

March 19, 2013

Plain Speakin

Whether I’m listenin’ to someone speak or readin’ somethin’ I really appreciate it when folks put things in the simplest terms possible.  I realize that people have gone to a lot of trouble learnin’ big words and technical terms and want to impress us all with their huge mental capacities but hey…If I don’t understand a word you are sayin’ then there is not much use in me listenin’ or readin’.

I reckon I will try to keep my stuff plain and leave the profound for those with more formal education than me.