Music Man – Hank The Handy Man

Music Man

I would like to see that.  I bet it had to have a big strap on it.

I have a great connection on the  internet this morning and I am loading these comics to post for the next week.  In other words if you are reading this now I probably posted it last week.  I have written and posted devotionals for my church this morning at for the week.  I have uploaded these comics for this week making me several days ahead of my normal schedule. (Bet you didn’t think I had one.)  Now alas, my buffer is empty as of this writing but I have a week an a half to refill it.  I do have enough comics to start off with next week but the cupboard is lookin’ mighty bare.  I have lots of ideas, I just need a little comic time to get them ready.

Have a great weekend.  I know that I am going to give it my best shot.

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7 Responses to “Music Man – Hank The Handy Man”

  1. Binky Says:

    That would be a tough thing to play on the run.

  2. Jande Says:

    Woo! All caught up again! Been having a laugh fest on your cartoons, Bo! Thanks for the giggles. ;`)

  3. Tony McGurk Says:

    Ha Ha!!! Good one Bo. Maybe Buster needs a piano accordian instead.

  4. jbstoons Says:

    Was it a baby grand?

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