Burt and Kurt – Picture Perfect

Kurt and Burt-Picture It

Almost everyone has some type of camera with them these days.  Phone, Ipad or digital camera.  If you say you saw a U.F.O or Sasquatch you had better have a picture.  If you see Elvis at a burger joint in some out of the way town in Idaho be sure you take a picture with him because if you don’t, I promise you no one will believe you.


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4 Responses to “Burt and Kurt – Picture Perfect”

  1. Jande Says:

    This makes me want to show you all the photos I’ve taken with my iPod of UFOs and Mythical Creatures. ;`D

  2. Binky Says:

    I don’t have a camera that I take everywhere so I guess I’m in the minority.

  3. Tony McGurk Says:

    I saw a werewolf man on the train once but as I tried to take his photo for proof of what I saw he looked straight at me. I thought “Oh No he thinks I’m trying to take his photo” so I didn’t get the pic.

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