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Geezers Keeping in Touch

September 26, 2013

In Touch

Ooops!  Somehow I miscued and posted two comics yesterday and didn’t have anything ready to post for today.  I have an excuse, I have been busy on Facebook, keeping in touch with my kids, my family and setting up a Copperhead Jewelry page.

Now I have one less comic to post for next week which means  I need to do a couple of comics. These things don’t write themselves you know…well sometimes they kinda do but I still have to put the words on the page.

Going Viral

May 14, 2013

Go Viral

Mildred has a point.  I really used to enjoy Facebook and the comments that family and friends made but now by the time I wade through the same posts that I have read a dozen times before and people keep reposting it just doesn’t seem worth it.  I have often wondered why they won’t repost my comics and my sayings.  Maybe if I decided to quit tryin’ to be moderately original (there are no new original thoughts) and would just start stealin’ other people’s stuff and postin’ it under my name they would re-post it.  Maybe this blog is so stupid that it will go viral.  You can certainly help by sharing it with all the people you know and even those who you have never heard of.  If someone will post this on Google+ and I get 10,000 likes I will then do a Bo Lumpkin video of Tiny Tim’s famous hit “Tiptoe Through The Tulips” (at least the one stanza that I can remember).  If you share it on Facebook and I get 5,000 likes I will make a new Bo Lumpkin video of a subject to be determined later.