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Matter Of Opinion- Edna and Mildred

October 24, 2013

Matter of Opinion- Edna and Mildred

Sometimes it is hard to be open minded without your brains falling out.  I consider myself a very tolerant person but I do try to weigh the facts, check results, and refrain from accepting something just because the majority thinks it.  At one time the majority of the world believed that the world was flat.  I can’t personally say that it is a sphere because I have never been around the whole thing.  I do know that it is not flat because even in the Mississippi Delta which is very flat there is a horizon.  As you move toward it, it moves too.

I gave that little science lesson to explain my way of reasoning things.  Some things sound good, they sound right, they are popular but they just ain’t so.  Political correctness is a product of the flat earth thinking people.  Political correctness says that we should be tolerant of every culture and we will not tolerate any culture that is not tolerant of every culture.  One of these days maybe all these empty headed folks will start walking to reach the horizon.  By the time they get back the rest of us will be long gone.

Edna and Mildred Shutdown

October 17, 2013

Government Shutdown

I knew that things were gettin’ bad but when Mildred and Edna are both speechless on the same day  it is kind of scary.  (It at least made for an easy comic for me.)

Precious? Memories

September 19, 2013

Not So Precious Memories

Speaking of memory I might have used this before but if I am not sure you probably are not sure either.   Hank and Buster should be here tomorrow.  Check out my other site today for a short blog  at .

Edna and Mildred-Gun Control

July 26, 2013

Gun Control E&M

There certainly is too much gun violence reported on the news but somehow I don’t think that most of the people who are committing the crimes are really concerned about the laws.  I knew that Mildred was packin’ heat from an earlier comic I did when I was struggling through the Men In Gray debacle which almost brought about the demise of my whole imaginary career as a cartoonist and did cause me to quit workin’ on Hank The Handy Man.  My recent stroll through my archives (boy it gets dark in there sometimes) has caused me to think that maybe I was guilty of throwing out the baby with the bath water.  Since this brilliant revelation I have decided to work on some new adventures or misadventures of Hank and Buster.

If you are new around here and have no idea who Hank and Buster are you can check them out at

At this point I have posted over 1500 posts, mostly comics.  That should (when I take away the blogs only and the re-runs) leave me with over 1200 comics in my archives.  That is a mess of drawin’ and writin’ even though I use the same templates for many of my comics.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


Household Duties – Mildred and Edna

July 8, 2013

Around The House

It seems like last week I when I wrote this comic I wound up takin’ up Mildred’s habits.  I spent the whole week without an internet connection.  The good news is I don’t think anyone got upset because I didn’t post anything new all week.  The bad news is that I don’t think anyone noticed that I didn’t post anything new last week.  Since I didn’t have a connection or my Galaxy pad I wasn’t able to comment on any comics and visit other sites either.  Actually it was a pretty good experience because it proved to me that I could survive a whole week without the internet.

I will be going on a short vacation this week but that should not hinder my internet time because I will be staying at the Motel 4 and will have an internet connection all week.

Hopefully this week I will have something posted all 5 days.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday here and the Hank the Handy Man remakes on Tuesday and Thursday at .

Edna and Mildred-Problems

June 24, 2013


Edna might just be right but most of us are probably more like Mildred on this one.

I have been reworking and re-posting some of my old Hank The Handy Man comics on my other site at

I actually have finished one series and made a comic book from it to sell (or try to) along with my jewelry.  I didn’t set up to try and sell jewelry this weekend due to my hospital stay last Wednesday night.  Even though it wasn’t a heart attack and I have been feeling okay since I (meaning my wife) thought it would be best if I just stayed in and took it easy for a few days.  Staying in gave me the opportunity to work on some new jewelry and to finish my first comic book.

I’m glad the chest pains this time were a false alarm. I’m not sure what caused them but my sister made the comment on Facebook that I just like to rattle the bucket sometimes and scare everyone into thinkin’ that I am about to kick it.

My wife says that I don’t have to worry about dying of a heart attack because it is invincible.  She says that I will probably die from something totally un-related and they will have to beat my heart to death with a stick to make it stop beating.  After about 25 years of heart attacks and numerous scares it is good that we can have a sense of humor about the whole thing.  Actually the jokes don’t usually start until I have at least left the Coronary Care Unit.

I will have another installment of KRUD-TV comics here this Wednesday.  Y’all come back to see me now.


No Call List- Mildred in the Morning

June 17, 2013


I had a pretty good weekend.   I did a lot of comic work, sold some jewelry, enjoyed Fathers Day.  I hope to do some more comics and make some jewelry this week.  I also need to make some Cedar Crosses and Copper Crosses… I am running very low on those.  I completed putting together my Hank the Handy Man mini comic on the computer and I hope to be able to print a few copies this week to sell next weekend.  I have been passing lots of copies of the Café Comics out and seem to be getting some response even if I never get any feedback.

I guess the main thing is that life is good at Gatorhead.  I hope it is the same for yall.

A new KRUD-TV comic will be posted Wednesday.

Absence of Mind

May 28, 2013

Absence of Mind

I have been busy recently upgrade some old material for print (you can check it out on my other page at ) but I am also trying to work on some new stuff too.  In the near future I hope to give Edna and Mildred as well as Kurt and Burt a makeover.  It seems like traffic has really died down and the comments are falling off since I haven’t been able to do as much commenting on other websites but one of the things I have learned is that I am doing this for me.  When I get to where I don’t enjoy it, I will quit completely or at least really slack off but I am still havin’ a good time and that’s not bad after 5 years.  I am not sure of the exact date I started but it has been 5 years ago this month.  I hope you have enjoyed a little of what I have posted over those five years…if not, keep checkin’ maybe it will get better.

Idled and Addled

May 16, 2013

Idled and Addled

Don’t forget to go to to find out more about Bearman’s  Charity Challenge.


May 8, 2013


Sometimes progress brings us changes that we just don’t want to have to deal with.

You probably notice the picture of Bearman of on Mildred’s wall.  Mildred is not a fan of much but it seems that she must like Bearman and his comics because this is not the first time that she has posted him on her wall.  Actually Bearman might have reached the soft spot (if there is one) in Mildred’s heart because of his annual Charity Challenge.  Bearman uses this challenge to promote his website and as a chance to donate his own money to charitable causes.  You can read more about it here.

I think costing Bearman money is some progress we can all get in on.