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Matter Of Opinion- Edna and Mildred

October 24, 2013

Matter of Opinion- Edna and Mildred

Sometimes it is hard to be open minded without your brains falling out.  I consider myself a very tolerant person but I do try to weigh the facts, check results, and refrain from accepting something just because the majority thinks it.  At one time the majority of the world believed that the world was flat.  I can’t personally say that it is a sphere because I have never been around the whole thing.  I do know that it is not flat because even in the Mississippi Delta which is very flat there is a horizon.  As you move toward it, it moves too.

I gave that little science lesson to explain my way of reasoning things.  Some things sound good, they sound right, they are popular but they just ain’t so.  Political correctness is a product of the flat earth thinking people.  Political correctness says that we should be tolerant of every culture and we will not tolerate any culture that is not tolerant of every culture.  One of these days maybe all these empty headed folks will start walking to reach the horizon.  By the time they get back the rest of us will be long gone.