Edna and Mildred-Problems


Edna might just be right but most of us are probably more like Mildred on this one.

I have been reworking and re-posting some of my old Hank The Handy Man comics on my other site at http://bolumpkin.wordpress.com

I actually have finished one series and made a comic book from it to sell (or try to) along with my jewelry.  I didn’t set up to try and sell jewelry this weekend due to my hospital stay last Wednesday night.  Even though it wasn’t a heart attack and I have been feeling okay since I (meaning my wife) thought it would be best if I just stayed in and took it easy for a few days.  Staying in gave me the opportunity to work on some new jewelry and to finish my first comic book.

I’m glad the chest pains this time were a false alarm. I’m not sure what caused them but my sister made the comment on Facebook that I just like to rattle the bucket sometimes and scare everyone into thinkin’ that I am about to kick it.

My wife says that I don’t have to worry about dying of a heart attack because it is invincible.  She says that I will probably die from something totally un-related and they will have to beat my heart to death with a stick to make it stop beating.  After about 25 years of heart attacks and numerous scares it is good that we can have a sense of humor about the whole thing.  Actually the jokes don’t usually start until I have at least left the Coronary Care Unit.

I will have another installment of KRUD-TV comics here this Wednesday.  Y’all come back to see me now.



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17 Responses to “Edna and Mildred-Problems”

  1. J. S. Rowe (@eO_Jande) Says:

    Dear Bo,
    I so happy Mrs Bo made you stay in and “rest”. lol I’m so glad your whole family has a great sense of humor. ❤

    Also I'm with Mildred on this as usual.

  2. spilledinkguy Says:

    I’m very happy to hear you are doing okay, Bo…
    it’s always best to be safe about these things, I think.

  3. Red Says:

    Glad the rest did you some good. Looking forward to more KRUD. It is the only channel I watch. 😉

  4. Bearman Cartoons Says:

    Glad you are on the mend. Heart issues was probably anxiety from all the jokes from your family haha

    • Bo Lumpkin Says:

      We don’t cut each other much slack in our family. We are not going to let a little thing like heart problems interfere with the pokin’ fun.

  5. jbstoons Says:

    Sounds a lot like politics to me.

  6. Binky Says:

    Glad you’re feeling better now. I hope they don’t beat your heart too hard with that stick.

  7. Deb Says:

    Happy to hear the rest helped you out, Bo!

  8. Tony McGurk Says:

    Ha Ha!!! Beat your heart to death with a stick. Good one Missus Bo!!!
    Glad you’re ok Bo. I agree with Mildred on this one. Ignorance can be bliss.

  9. Red Says:

    I am with Mildred.

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