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Geezerhood- Homer and Estelle A Hairy Conversation

September 23, 2013

Hair Today Gone

When I was a kid we went every week and got a haircut.  I was nearly bald until I graduated from high school.  After graduation from high school I joined the National Guard and had to get a haircut at least once a month before drills then.    Now I am an old Geezer and I still get a haircut once a month because someone who is nearly bald looks really bad when they don’t trim the rest of their hair.  Mine grows okay on the back and sides but none on top.

I don’t need to wonder when to get mine cut.  My wife does not mind telling me, “You need a haircut.”

My first haircuts were done by a neighbor across the road who had a pair of manual clippers (and I doubt very seriously if he had a Barber License) and cost a quarter.  They were slow and painful because the clippers pinched out about as much hair as they cut.  I remember the gradual rise in prices.  When we started getting a haircut in town the barber charged kids 75 cents and adults $1.25.

Now I pay $14 dollars to get my haircut and in comparison to prices and wages everywhere else I consider that reasonable…even with the tip.   Yes I tip the barber…he has control of my appearance for a little while.

Lots of other things have changed over the years.  I don’t get bubble gum anymore when I get a haircut but that is okay because I couldn’t chew it with my dentures anyway.  You don’t see a shoe shine stand in the Barber Shop anymore because people don’t need their Nike’s shined.  One of the biggest changes is that there are women in there.  My wife and I both get our hair cut at the same shop. There is a woman there who cut hair for both of us last week.  When I was a kid if a woman walked in , even to bring her kids for a haircut, the entire place went silent until she left.

Times change and I guess we do too.


Dental Problems- Homer and Estelle

September 3, 2013

Bad Teeth

This could possibly happen to a Geezer couple I suppose.  Thankfully it wasn’t inspired by a real life event for me like some of my comics are.

Planning the Future- Homer and Estelle

August 26, 2013


I sort of have the feeling that Estelle is planning on Homer going first.  I really want to thank Jande Rowe for drawing these two.  They seem to have a personality of their own and it is not hard to find dialog for them.

You can see more of Jande’s work on her website featuring her graphic novel Aedre’s Firefly at .

Planning for the future is a good thing but I have found that by the time I put my future plans into place it is already the past instead of the future…or something like that.  My full buffer that I had a couple of weeks ago is beginning to dwindle but I still have enough stuff for a couple of weeks and I am sure I will find a day or two to be productive in the next couple of weeks.  Today is my 63rd birthday and I will be celebrating it by mowing the grass, taking my wife for a check-up in Jackson and then swinging back by Yazoo City to fill prescriptions for the coming month.  I will work half a day tomorrow and then my wife and I are off to Oxford, MS to visit kinfolks.

I had a surprise birthday party at church yesterday and my kids were there and my sisters from Oxford all came down to help me celebrate and we had lunch and a big cake at the Church.  It was the best birthday celebration ever and it was a day early.  My theory is to start partying early and keep it going as long as possible.

Yall have a great week.

Mixed Memories

August 5, 2013


I really like these two Geezers and I have decided to name them Homer and Estelle.  You will be seeing them a few times in the next month.  I really appreciate Jande Rowe for sending these to me.  She is an amazing artist and writer and the creator of “Aedre’s Firefly”.

She post each Wednesday and you should check it out.

I will be posting on this site Monday through Friday for the next few weeks.  I will still be posting some blogs and some things on the site at on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I had hoped to have a weekend blog this weekend but I got really busy and didn’t have time.  Don’t forget to come back here tomorrow for some Hospital Humor.  KRUD-TV will be here Wednesday, The Ladies will be here Thursday and we will hear from Mildred Friday.

Wow!  It’s gonna be a fun week.