Favorite Disease


Sometimes I think Doctors are a little too eager for you to be real sick just so they can see if they can make you better.

About 17 years ago a Doctor really insisted that I needed a heart transplant and that if I didn’t get one I would probably never leave the hospital.  I refused the transplant anyway.  I’m still here though.  The funny thing about it was that while I was still in the hospital I noticed TV people everywhere and when I asked about it I was told they were there to do a news story on Dr..un-named’s 50th heart transplant.  Gee…if I had opted for the transplant I could have been on the news.

I think the fact that I am still kickin’ (though not very high) is a much better news story.


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11 Responses to “Favorite Disease”

  1. jbstoons Says:

    You know I think the dr. Sit around a poker table and bet on who they want to see.

  2. J. S. Rowe (@eO_Jande) Says:

    I think that you still kicking is the better news story, too, Bo! ❤

    These hospital jokes are tickling my funny bone. :`D

    I once refused to work with one very successful doctor when I was pregnant. He kept raving on about how many babies he'd "had" (instead of "helped deliver"). Some kind of weird ego-trip.

    Then I asked about have the baby at home (I already had a midwife lined up). He went into a foaming rage. Started telling me I was criminal to even think of doing that. Enumerating the horrors that could occur. I stopped him and I told him he had some problems he needed to look at and walked out. He was still yelling threats as I closed the door behind me.

    Later we found a very nice gentle doctor who sat in the kitchen doing paper work and let us get on with the home birth until he was needed to put the regulation eye-drops in the baby's eyes.

    Quite a difference. :`D

  3. Tony McGurk Says:

    It’s funny to think that Doctors may actually have a favourite disease.

  4. Steve Says:

    I guess bedside manner is all a matter of delivery.

  5. Carl D'Agostino Says:

    Reminds of one cardiologists a while back. Read that graph paper with the needle rise and fall ridges and he screamed “HOLY S_____________! Don’t even move. No, just get outta here now. No wait. No get outta here.”

    That’s worse than when you hear the surgeon say “ooops”. I’m still here too

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