KRUD-TV will Quack You Up


Okay, this  is my second Duck Dynasty gag of the week but I don’t have any more in the buffer.  Thanks to Steve Ganshert from the super blog The Rambler at for helping me with this series.  Go by and give him a look.

If you missed the final page in the Hank The Handy Man story you can see it at  . I will be posting the final page of the book tomorrow which is just a mixture of some of  my Gatorhead Comics.

Be sure and come back Friday for some more Creatures of Habit.  The Buffaloes will be makin’ another appearance then.  Thank yall for readin, sharin’ , likin’, and commentin’.


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8 Responses to “KRUD-TV will Quack You Up”

  1. bearmancartoons Says:

    Wanted to grow a duck dynasty beard but the wife cut me off.

  2. Binky Says:

    They have Duck Dynasty, why couldn’t they have Wombie World?

  3. jbstoons Says:

    Mabey the Bone picker can dig up some dirt on the Duck boys.

  4. Tony McGurk Says:

    Did someone say cheese & quackers??? You have just captured Barry & Cedric’s attention Bo

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