Iron Woman

Iron In Blood

I have seen a couple of articles and stories on the news about caffeine and how it might be beneficial in some ways.  If that is the case Mildred ought to live to be a hundred.  My doctor once told me that I should limit my caffeine and I asked him why.  He said, “It causes your heart to beat faster.”  I told him that mine needed all the help it could get so I would just keep drinkin’ my coffee.  He smiled and shook his head and said, “You know, you just might have a point.”

I have been busy going over some old comics because I am going to print a black and white comic book to sell along with my jewelry.  I am hoping to improve some of them and I might re-run some Hank The Handy Man comics on one of my sites.  I had real big plans for upgrading some old artwork but I left my pen for my Bamboo tablet and won’t have it until this weekend.  It is hard drawing with a mouse when you are used to a digital tablet.


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11 Responses to “Iron Woman”

  1. spilledinkguy Says:

    I think mine’s all rusted.

  2. Susan Hanks Says:

    love this one for sure


  3. Binky Says:

    I don’t know how anyone draws with a mouse. I find it impossible!

  4. Deb Says:

    I can relate to Mildred today! 🙂
    Digital painting with a mouse is the only way I get mine done…no tablet yet.

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