Cute Buzzard


A week or two ago I posted a comic of Chester and Phil and Chester was complainin’ that other comic strip characters were cute.  I tried a few looks to make chester look cute but so far none of them seem to be workin’ for him.  Jeremy Burkes from JB’S TOONS sent me a drawing of Chester in overalls.  That kind of fits with the Gatorhead theme.  Be sure and check out Jeremy’s comic.

This week I received this great picture form the talented Jande Rowe, creator of “Aedre’s Firefly”, and a great encourager on the web. I am not sure if it is what I would call cute but it is definitely a fantastic piece of artwork.  I hope you love it as much as I do.

Be sure and check out the websites of my friends.  I am sure you will be glad you did.

I posted over 858 times on my old Blogspot site at  If you want to go back and look things over on a slow day the site is still up but I haven’t been adding anything new.


P.S  Just for those of you who keep up with that sort of thing this is my 500th post on this website.  I also post at



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18 Responses to “Cute Buzzard”

  1. George Says:

    Now that is one voluptuous vulture right there. Jande can make anything look cute and luscious. 🙂

  2. Binky Says:

    It’s cute, but a bit menacing with that pointy beak. Really nice painting, too.

    Congrats on your 500th post! It’s a good thing we’re not as old as our posts.

    • Bo Lumpkin Says:

      Ain’t it the truth. I can remember when I reached my first hundred I really thought it was something. Now I hardly ever pay attention to it.
      I would love to be able to do the color like Jande does.

  3. Tony McGurk Says:

    That Buzzard is cute Bo. Fantastic artwork Jande.
    The big 5 Doouble 0, congratulations Bo. I wonder how many posts I would’ve racked up if I hadn’t deleted a lot of past blogs???

  4. spilledinkguy Says:

    Would it be wrong to whistle at a vulture?!

  5. bearmancartoons Says:

    Awesome job Jande. Of course it is cute. Look at those eyelashes.

  6. J. S. Rowe (@eO_Jande) Says:

    Aww… You guys are awesome. Thanks for all your kind words. You make me all blushy. ♥

    I guess that’s about as cute as a buzzard can get without a beak job. So glad you liked it, Bo. lol

    • Bo Lumpkin Says:

      I appreciate the guest Art so much Jande. I really want to be able to draw like you when I grow up. I am workin’ on it, even if the results are hard to notice.

  7. Maddie Cochere Says:

    That buzzard doesn’t look friendly, but he is a real cutie. Nice job, Jande. Congrats on 500 here, Bo!

  8. ltpen315,barb Says:

    Very cute buzzard!!

  9. Rita Kay Says:

    WOW !!! Congrats on your 500th post !!

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