Right To Work

Right To Work

I have posted some of my older writin’ on the website at www.bolumpkin.com

There will be different one each day for the next few days.


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14 Responses to “Right To Work”

  1. spilledinkguy Says:

    I was kind of surprised that would pass in Michigan…

  2. Deb Says:

    Great comic for the passing of the, “right to work, state,” Bo. 🙂

  3. ltpen315,barb Says:

    I’ve always considered it a necessary evil!! Love the comic.

  4. Binky Says:

    I’d like to live in a state where it’s wrong to work.

  5. Tony McGurk Says:

    Many people today have a poor work ethic. My new job is at a yoghurt factory & apparently a lot of young ones don’t last long before they quit. The general consensus is that they don’t like hard work.

  6. cestgigi Says:

    I live in Nevada and thought it really translated to ‘we get to fire you at any time for no reason and you have nothing to say about it, because it’s a right to work state’. Nevada also isn’t big on unions, but they are big on telemarketers. Maybe it means something different in each state. I started a ‘You know you’re getting older when’ page on my original site, ChezGigi.com, and your posts have inspired me to keep adding to it- Thanks!

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