Raisin’ Kids

I guess I don’t have much room to complain myself.  I’m not sure I will ever grow up but it seems to me the Geezer here has a pretty good point.

Don’t forget to check out my blog to get the rules for the contest to win free jewelry.


There will be 20 winners if I can get that many people to participate.  Someone has to give it a try…I spent the whole night last night workin’ on some of the prizes.


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18 Responses to “Raisin’ Kids”

  1. J. S. Rowe (@eO_Jande) Says:

    Sounds like a great idea for one of those “self-help” type of books: “How To Raise Adults”. :`D

    BTW, Bo, for some reason I keep being asked over and over again to give permission for your sites to connect to my twitter account. Any idea why? Other sites I only have to do it once and it’s done.

  2. Bearman Cartoons Says:

    My parents did. You want lunch? Pack it!
    Make your own damn bed
    Oh you are 11 now? Let me introduce you to the washing machine

  3. Binky Says:

    Or raising dogs. They make better people than a lot of people.

  4. George Says:

    That made me have to sit back and think. You’re right, Bo. That’s why it’s so hard for parents to view their children as adults at first. They were so busy raising children.

    • Bo Lumpkin Says:

      This thought just came to me while I was thinkin’. (And listenin’) Someone made the satement, “They”ll always be my babies, no matter how old they get.” That cleared up a lot of things for me.

  5. jbstoons Says:

    I know what you mean Bo. With my immagination I probaly will never grow up either.

  6. Red Says:

    I am all for ending up with adults. There are so many other people’s adult children who need raising.

    • Bo Lumpkin Says:

      Now they want people to keep them on their insurance until they are way past grown. There comes a time when they have to take care of themselves.

  7. Tony McGurk Says:

    I often thing that I’m just a kid trapped in a grownup’s body

  8. Androgoth Says:

    There is no way that I will ever grow up Bo 🙂 lol


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