Resharin’ The Creatures

I guess things could be better for everyone at during these tough economic times but just remember they could be worse too.

I did a little bloggin’ this mornin’ on my old site.  Check it out and see what I had to say.  I forgot so I can’t wait to go read it myself.


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23 Responses to “Resharin’ The Creatures”

  1. bearmancartoons Says:

    I prefer turtles in a half shell..turtle power

  2. Diane M Says:

    The pic IS funny! Btw, we have a dead snake in zeemiddle of Jordan View Dr. Mentally callin’ it: “Obummer!” Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2012 11:50:30 +0000 To:

  3. J. S. Rowe (@eO_Jande) Says:

    Aww… Those guys better watch out. In case he’s only playin’ possum!:`D

  4. Binky Says:

    Buzzards can’t be choosy.

  5. steve Says:

    Do they do their dining facing traffic?

  6. Deb Says:

    Buzzards pee on themselves.

    • Bo Lumpkin Says:

      And you would know this how?

      • ltpen315,barb Says:

        Good question, Bo!

      • Bo Lumpkin Says:

        Enquirin’ minds want to know.

      • tixrus Says:

        Their pee is extremely caustic. They have to pee on themselves to kill the bacteria on their feet, otherwise they would start to rot just like the roadkill they feed on. That is also the reason they are bald, because it helps their head (which they poke into rotting carcasses) stay free of the critters that grow in dead carcasses. If they had feathers there it would attract maggots and germs and stuff. Just sayin’. & funny cartoon BTW!

      • Bo Lumpkin Says:

        TMI! TMI! TMI! Just kidding. Thanks for stopping by and commentin’. Who says you can’t learn anything on the internet. Come back and visit. I need to add to my vast storehouse of information (mostly useless)>


      • Deb Says:

        Ahahaha! 🙂

  7. ltpen315,barb Says:

    They better not get to distracted or they might wind up roadkill themselves!! I almost wiped out a flock on the way to work the other day!!

  8. Tony McGurk Says:

    I guess in these tough times tyre arks wil just have to do.

  9. Neville the Tasmanian Devil Says:

    Hey Phil & Chester, if you blokes don’t eat all of that feel free to package the rest & send it to Tasmania for me

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