Don’t Mess With Old People

I actually did a little drawin’ this weekend and as you can see I have become a little rusty but I am goin’ to keep tryin.  I’ve been thinkin’ about doin’ this series for awhile called Geezerhood about some of the things us old geezers think.  Since I am lackin’ in drawin’ skills right now I am thinkin’ of havin’ a contest (with Copper Jewelry or some of my crafts as prizes) for the creation of an old man and an old woman rockin’ in rockin chairs.  I will post more about this later.  I will be postin’ a few Geezerhood comics twice a week (mixed in with my regular stuff) for awhile.  I have lots of material and several drawin’s ready for this so I should be able to post regularly for a couple of months anyway if I hold it to twice a week.

Thanks so muc for your support.  (Still workin’ on the commentin’ problems.)


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32 Responses to “Don’t Mess With Old People”

  1. bearmancartoons Says:

    Nothing like a couple of geezers to start (haha I almost typed shart) your day.

  2. Deb Says:

    Old geezers have the best humor. 🙂

  3. spilledinkguy Says:

    Fortunately my turn and run away skills are fairly impressive!

  4. Jande Says:

    Count me in on the “Geezers Club”, Bo! Looking forward to your new cartoons :`D

  5. George Says:

    I have found out that the older I get, the less mess I’m prone to tolerate. 🙂

    Good comic, Bo!

    • Bo Lumpkin Says:

      That is for sure. I used to be like a doormat. I would lay down and just let people step on me. Now that I have got older I am still a doormat but I try to trip people when they step on me. Thanks.


  6. Binky Says:

    How old do you have to be to be a geezer? I want it to be a long way off.

  7. Tony McGurk Says:

    Love Geezerhood comics. I have one in draft & there was one I did a long time ago. (Blatant webcomic promotion)

  8. Tony McGurk Says:

    I’m nearly 52, does that qualify me. Guess I’ll have to take a martial arts course soon so I can hurt people too. I saw an episode of “Cops” recently & there was a middle aged man lying in the gutter with his face covered in blood. Turns out he pulled a knife on a Geezer in his 70’s & the old bloke punched him out. Turns out the Geezer won an American National Middleweight Boxing Title in 1960. Never mess with old folks ‘cos you don’t know what life experience they have up their sleeve. The old bloke’s words to the cops were “He asked me for money & I said no. He pulled a knife on me so I just did what I had to do”

  9. Jande Says:

    Bo… I whipped up a couple of Geezer characters for you to use if you want. But I lost your email address in a hard-drive crash. You can email me or DM it to me on Twitter if you like and I’ll send you the pic.

  10. ltpen315 Says:

    Lve “Geezerhood”!! Chronollogically,I may not qualify but physically, I definitely do!!
    I missed your toons whilst (I don’t think I have ever used that word!) I was without a computer!!

  11. steve Says:

    Isn’t there a geezer called “Old Faithful?”

  12. mskatykins Says:

    Great work, looking forward to seeing more! 🙂

  13. ltpen315 Says:

    Yeah, we are old and mad and we will hurt you because we are old and we already hurt!

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