Just Thinkin’ 12-1

There are a lot of confusin’ things goin’ on in politics and what with me bein’ busy with a lot of other stuff and Hank and Buster needin’ the work I have decided to let them do some political commentatin’ and explainin’ for a few strips.  Don’t forget to come back by Thursday and see what they are sayin’.

I am still postin’ some pictures of my jewelry and crafts at www.bolumpkin.com if you like that sort of thing.



18 Responses to “Just Thinkin’ 12-1”

  1. Michael Phelps Says:

    Hmmmmm…never thought of that. I think you are on to something. Now when the Democrats start up I am buying Bermuda shorts. 🙂

  2. spilledinkguy Says:

    Seems like all of D.C. has sprung a leak.

  3. bearman Says:

    Thinking it may be the warmest winter political season on record…need more candidates to drop out

  4. Deb Says:

    I never thought about that, Bo…No wonder it has been so warm all winter.
    Hugs, xx

  5. Binky Says:

    So the solution to help slow global warming is to stop politicians from talking? Sounds like a win-win.

  6. George Says:

    I guess all that hot air goes down south on retreat. 🙂

  7. TOONED IN© – TOONED IN© Says:

    […] nonsense from the crew at Bronze’s. Look who dropped in at the gym, none other than the fabulous Bo Lumpkin. And it appears he has bought a few friends. I’m sure Carl appreciates the […]

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