A Funny Thing Happened

A funny thing happened to me while on Hiatus.  I took some time to work on my crafts and jewlery with full intentions of getting caught up and getting back to my comics.  The funny thing that happened is that people started buying the stuff.  Other people started wanting me to place the stuff in their stores and they started selling it too.

While I am not getting rich by any means it feels good that people actually want to buy the things I create.  ( At Christmas I took a bunch of jewelry to our family Christmas gathering and told all the females to pick out what they wanted.  That really depleted my inventory but it made me feel great that they wanted it.)

I have been able to check peoples comics and blogs on my phone but I just haven’t been able to comment.  I hope you all know that I haven’t forgotten you.

I do intend to get back to comics but I bought a 5 pound box of catfish this week and it was nearly $40 bucks.  I either have to sell my jewelry and crafts,  spend more time fishin’ or kick my catfish habit.  In any of these cases it will have an effect on my comic creations.

Thanks for understanding.  Just like Arnold always says, “I’ll be bak”.





21 Responses to “A Funny Thing Happened”

  1. Stephen Says:

    I’m very happy for your sales, Bo! It is pesky how a little thing like money will change your concentration, isn’t it?

  2. Deb Says:

    Hiya Bo,
    Good to see you posted. Not very often we have a chance to pass back a few words to each other.
    So you’ve been selling your jewelry have you…That’s great! And it does not surprise me a bit that people want it to buy and or have for themselves. As I recall I liked your jewelery work so much I picked out a pair and said. “Send me those.” I was kidding about the sending business, but not about how much I loved them. I think you should post them somewhere where you can sell them. Etsy maybe or the like.

    Take it easy on the catfish now.
    Glad to see you, and I hope you don’t take too long to post again. It’s always nice to say hi to ya.
    Hugs, Deb xx

  3. steve Says:

    That catfish addiction is hard to cure.

  4. Tony McGurk Says:

    That’s great news about your jewellery sales Bo & good to see it’s working out for you. I’ve never tried catfish but I guess it must be ok if you’re addicted to it. Take care my friend.

  5. Jande Says:

    Good to see you posting! Nice to know you’re happy. :`D
    I too have mentioned Etsy to you for your stuff. Check them out sometime

  6. bearman Says:

    How about post pictures of your jewelry and projects….geez what’s a guy gotta do to see your work?

  7. Binky Says:

    It’s great when people actually pay money to buy stuff you’ve made. Maybe your little hobby can grow into something bigger.

    Catfish is more expensive than steak??

  8. MJ Says:

    Anxiously awaiting the funnies.

  9. Jb Says:

    Hey Bo comeback when you can. we will be here. Don’t bother knocking just come on in.

  10. Barb Says:

    Like I said before, we’ll be here when you get back, but am glad you posted. Congrats on the sales!!

  11. Jande Says:

    The website ate my comment. Or the interwebs did it.

    You know the buzzards are my favourites. Love the word-play!

    So happy to have you back, sir! ❤

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