Copperhead Jewelry


I am a recycler by nature.  By that I mean I try to take old junk and turn it into something else.  This jewelry is made from salvaged copper wire left over from construction and marbles.  I try to keep at least one piece handy in case someone tells me I have lost all my marbles I can show them I have not lost them all.


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12 Responses to “Copperhead Jewelry”

  1. George Says:

    I like this, Bo. It looks exactly like the style and originality that my stepdaughter goes for in making her fashion statement.

  2. Binky Says:

    That’s some really neat stuff, Bo! I like those.

  3. Debbie Says:

    Ooh! I like the two necklaces on the right!

    Deb xx

  4. Tony McGurk Says:

    Hey that’s really great work Bo. They look really professional. Now all us nut cases can always keep track of our marbles

  5. Barb Says:

    These are really nice!! Like!

  6. Steve Ganshert Says:

    Now I know where my lost marbles went!

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