Supernatural Experience


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22 Responses to “Supernatural Experience”

  1. Michael Phelps Says:

    Shhhhhhhh…she wil hear you/

  2. bearman Says:

    My is completely out of her mind.

  3. tmcelmurry Says:

    Bad thing about talking about the wives out of mind experiences is that one day they will find out and you’ll experience one of those out of body experiences for sure. I can hear the report now.

    “Well she’d been over at the fence talkin’ to Edith, when suddenly she turned bright red and came stompin’ in to the house. Dang near tore the screened door off the hinges. Next thing I know there’s a fryin’ pan in her hand and suddenly I’m seein’ myself from above, just floating over that dreadful scene. I couldn’t make out all that she was sayin’ but that finger was out and sure was waggin’. Made me think of a happy puppy, but her face did not. I turned towards the light and suddenly I was grasped by the nape of my neck and I heard her words loud and clear. ‘You ain’t gettin’ off that easy. You’re gonna live thru this and wish it’d been the day you died for many years to come.’ “

  4. Jande Says:

    I think being a wife and being out of our minds goes with the territory. We’re all fine before we get married, ;`) Really!

  5. Steve Says:

    Behind every successful man, there is a surprised wife.

  6. Binky Says:

    Marriage is enough to send anyone out of their minds.

  7. George Says:

    I wanna show this to my wife so bad, but I now she’ll get peeved at me. 🙂

  8. Tony McGurk Says:

    I have more of them than my wife does…

  9. spilledinkguy Says:

    I could probably relate…
    except I think I’d have to be in my mind before I could get out of it!

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