Just Thinkin’ 46

When the government gets out of control who is there to put on the brakes?


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12 Responses to “Just Thinkin’ 46”

  1. Bearman Says:

    The government will say they need more money to fix the brakes.

  2. Debbie Adams Says:

    It’s too hard for them to face and admit their own problems. What they don’t realize, is…They create our problems.

  3. Steve Says:

    If you write the laws, they don’t apply to you.

  4. Jande Says:

    That’s definitely worth pondering, Bo.

  5. MJ Says:


  6. Tony McGurk Says:

    So true. They keep telling us about the budget being tight & funding cutbacks to hospitals, education, police etc but they have plenty of money to waste on Government non essential things that benefit mostly the politicians.

  7. spilledinkguy Says:

    There’s no off position on the genius switch, you know.
    *that was typed in my sarcasm font, by the way*

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