Just Thinkin’ 45

I think maybe I’ve spent a little more time with my back to the wall than some folks.  I think the wall is gettin’ kinda shaky.


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18 Responses to “Just Thinkin’ 45”

  1. Debbie Adams Says:

    It’s shaken quite a bit around around here too.

  2. MC/Curtis Says:

    Without a wall watch your back!
    Hopefully without a wall you can sit back to back with someone.
    Is that misery loves company?
    No… Maybe it’s the Lean On Me song.
    I hate that song.

  3. bearmancartoon Says:

    Just one wall. On the bright side you have 3 left.

  4. Binky Says:

    Don’t touch my wall! Go get your own!

  5. Tony McGurk Says:

    Is that the wall street wall. Perhaps your backs on it because you are occupying it?

  6. George Says:

    I thought there was a lot more space behind me than I was accustomed to. I guess I’ll go to Wal-Mart and try to buy another Wall. 😀

  7. MJ Says:

    Outrageous. Ha,ha,ha!

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