Parental Behavior


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18 Responses to “Parental Behavior”

  1. Michael Phelps Says:

    I am not one yet…..but I bet I will not behave. hehehe

  2. MJ Says:

    Ha,ha,ha! Duct Tape works wonders for this problem. Plus it keeps them in the chair resulting in less falls. Ha,ha,ha!

  3. George Says:

    Grandparents have more experience and they are now experts on how to be the best parents. 🙂

    • Bo Lumpkin Says:

      Yeah, some grandparents failed miserably raisin’ their own kids and now they are doin’ the same thing with their grandkids and we wonder why the world ain’t gettin’ better.

  4. spilledinkguy Says:

    Winston wouldn’t try to control his grandparents, would he?!

  5. Tony McGurk Says:

    I found that to be true when I was a kid too

  6. Binky Says:

    Parenting is hard work, while grandparenting is fun.

  7. Bo Lumpkin Says:

    You got that right Binky.

  8. Barbara L Vickers Says:

    As I am a grandparent, I can definitely testify to the truth of this!!

  9. sh Says:

    haha too true!!

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