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16 Responses to “NICE PLACE”

  1. Bearman Says:

    Couldn’t they have gone towards the other pole and still been comfortable. That’s what I would have done..haha

  2. Jb Says:

    Nothing like finding a good hiding place. Somewhere to get away from it all.

  3. MJ Says:

    Ha,ha,ha! Funny stuff Bo.

  4. George Says:

    Unless it’s the island from Lost. They had a polar bear or two there. 🙂

  5. spilledinkguy Says:

    They should start including that in the brochure…

  6. Binky Says:

    But what about black bears or grizzlies?

  7. Tony McGurk Says:

    Maybe they could get a job driving refrigerated trucks then they could easily cool down if they need to.

  8. midtoon Says:

    Let’s see, Polar Bears live in the Artic and Penguins live in Antartica. This means that if they were being chased by a Polar Bear, said bear must have also travelled via the same airline… I predict that No, they are not safe here either…

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