Bald Face Fairy Tale 5

Darrell is still telling about the 7 other Fairy Tale Dwarfs he used to live and work with.  

NOTICE:  Starting this week I will only be posting 3 times a week.  I will have another comic up Thursday and then next week I will go to a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule.  Things outside the webcomic universe have been taking up much of my time the last few weeks and it seems as if they will be doing so for the rest of the summer.

I suppose this is a good time for it to happen because it seems traffic and response seems to take a nose dive in the summer also.  I have a lot of work I want to do to improve the quality of my comics and with the problem of not having a home internet connection it is becoming harder and harder to get things posted and to follow and comment on the comics of others.  Thankfully I can read and comment on most other comics from my cell phone.

I am excited about the future of Gatorhead Comics and I will continue to work diligently to make them better.  To do that sometimes it is necessary to slow down and catch your breath before you take off running again.

Thanks for your understanding and for your continued support.




10 Responses to “Bald Face Fairy Tale 5”

  1. tmcelmurry Says:

    That’s awesome!! Even in Never-never land the issue of citizenship still comes up. Burl was the hardest worker of the 8 I’ll bet as well. 🙂

  2. bearmancartoons Says:

    Burl had to keep a low profile whenever the cameras were around filming that dirtly Snow White.

  3. Binky Says:

    Is this the making of a fairy-tale dwarf scandal?

  4. Tony McGurk Says:

    So was Burl from Mexico or outer space??? What ever happened to Grumpy, Sneezy, Dopey & all the rest of them???

  5. Tony McGurk Says:

    I can sympathize Bo, I when I was posting daily it was just too hard to keep up with it all. Especially getting around to replying to comments & visiting my visitors sites. 3 times a week I think still keeps your readers interested & leaves enough time for the other stuff. I also found that I am able to get more comics done & saved in draft rather than trying to get one done every evening for the next day. It all gets too rushed.

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