More art by Jan Rowe, the extremely talented Jande of Eccentric Orbits and the creator of Aedre’s Firefly.  She had a contest to name the frog and I won with the name Nerbert.  She sent me some awesome original artwork.  She told me it was ready and I told her I was going to stand by the mailbox and wait on it and I hoped it wouldn’t rain until it got there.  Obviously this inspired her to do more artwork and I had to stand by the mail box a day or two longer.   Be sure and come back tomorrow for an awesome poster of “The Bo-Hulk”. You can read the amazing Aedre’s Firefly at


Be sure and give her site a visit.  You will be glad you did.


14 Responses to “WAITIN’ ON THE MAIL”

  1. Bearman Says:

    Somehow I pictured you standing in a swamp though in Gatorhead. Love this

  2. sh Says:


  3. Bo Lumpkin Says:

    BTW This was a postcard size drawing. I think that is Phil in the tree watchin’ me wait for the mail.

  4. George Says:

    You make such an amazing character, Bo. You oughtta market that.

  5. Binky Says:

    Does it rain Gatorade in Gatorhead?

  6. Jande Says:

    I’m so happy you’re enjoying my artwork, Bo! :`D All of it made with you in mind, of course. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. spilledinkguy Says:

    rain or shine, this is a great piece! 🙂

  8. Tony McGurk Says:

    Better not stand there too long Bo. I think that’s Phil in the tree waiting just in case…

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