Just Thinkin’ 20

I really never did understand why some people get mad so easy.  I just don’t enjoy it myself.


17 Responses to “Just Thinkin’ 20”

  1. Dixie the Poodle Says:

    Some people are like that aren’t they. It makes them happy to be mad & unhappy.
    Here’s a comic I came across & thought you may enjoy it Bo. Rednecks in Space..

  2. Tony McGurk Says:

    Oops I was still logged in as Dixie

  3. George Says:

    I can relate to that. Some folks are so used to being booty-heads that they don’t know any other way to behave. I tend to avoid those sort of people.

  4. tmcelmurry Says:

    I know a lot of folks like this, I think they just enjoy the drama of being mad and getting attention. Usually I’ll just get mad at them for being mad, just so they can be mad at me for being mad at them, in the hopes that the whole thing will cause their head to explode, but alas it doesn’t and now they are just more mad than before.

    Growing up my mom would tell us people like that had one of two problems with ’em, Either 1. Their Goldfish died or 2. Someone peed in their coffee.

  5. spilledinkguy Says:

    What?! What?! GRrrrrrrr!

  6. Binky Says:

    Maybe sometimes mad is easier than glad.

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