Lookin’ Fer Love 1

If the girls ain’t up to Vincent’s standards I sure would hate to see ’em.  If you noticed this comic has a #1 in the title which probably means there is at least another one in the future.


15 Responses to “Lookin’ Fer Love 1”

  1. Bearman Says:

    It’s hard to meet tall women.

  2. Jande Says:

    “Vincent” is the perfect name for him. He kinda reminds me of Vincent Price. I love the little one thinking, “Good luck with that”. Heh

  3. Bo Lumpkin Says:

    The little one is Chester. The other one is Phil. Of course everyone will find that out next week. I have a few more of Vincent lookin’ fer love.

  4. Binky Says:

    Purty is in the eye of the beholder, so Vincent probably has a different view of beauty than us non-vultures.

  5. spilledinkguy Says:

    I imagine his voice sounding like Vincent Price…

  6. Tony McGurk Says:

    Before I read any of the comments I thought Vincent Price too. You did a great job drawing Vincent. You really captured his vulture-ness well. You did such a good job I can’t see how the ladies will be able to resist him.

  7. MJ Says:

    Nice! Going all multi-panel. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

  8. George Says:

    I’m trying to imagine how a female vulture could even be the slightest bit cute. 😀

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