Thinkin’ Again

Some folks just ain’t never happy.  Don’t you kinda feel sorry for ’em?


10 Responses to “Thinkin’ Again”

  1. Bearman Says:

    I’m happy with what I got now…I’m just afraid I’ll lose it.

  2. spilledinkguy Says:

    I bet you’re right, Bo…
    but I’d be willing to test that theory out… 🙂

  3. Tony McGurk Says:

    I am looking forward to what I get later. We have a BBQ at work for lunch every friday.

  4. Binky Says:

    I think a lot of folks need to hear your message, Bo.

  5. Jande Says:

    There was an old time blues singer (Billy Halliday?) who told a reporter, “I’ve been poor and I’ve been rich. Rich is better.”

    I’d love to experiment with the “rich” part of that. ;`) Especially as I get older.

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