How Old?

I reckon thy are both old enough to know better and ain’t neither one of them too young to care.  I don’t know why them too can’t get along but I reckon if they did I would have to lay them off from my comics.


12 Responses to “How Old?”

  1. Tony McGurk Says:

    Now Now Mildred, play nice..

  2. MJ Says:

    Ha! Funny stuff Bo!

  3. tmcelmurry Says:

    Mildred’s sign today is great.

  4. Binky Says:

    Edna is old enough to know better, and that’s why she doesn’t tell anyone her age. She doesn’t want to scare the little’uns.

  5. George Says:

    You’re gonna have to craft a story that will make these two biddies have to team up and become chummier. 🙂

  6. SpilledInkGuy Says:

    Well, if Edna is as old as I am, she’s probably about lost count! 🙂

  7. Colleen Dick Says:

    Biddies? I resemble that remark!

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