Tomorrow come back for a Creatures of Habit comic.  Them Buzzards are at it again.

Don’t forget to check out the Hank The Handy man comics featuring the Men In Gray this week.  I’ve thrown in some color over there too.


9 Responses to “”

  1. Tony Says:

    Good old Mildred, always sees the worst in people

  2. Bearman Says:

    I think the chair, lampshade and the wall should each get their own colors. Looking good.

  3. Bo Lumpkin Says:

    Yeah, I think you are right. I think I am going to change them up until I find a color that I think looks right. I might have to repaint the walls though.

  4. sh Says:

    Milly’s right on with this one,

  5. Bo Says:

    It is kind of hard to argue with Mildred when she is right.

  6. SpilledInkGuy Says:

    Hmmm … I am always tripping on stuff … *rubbing chin* hmmm … 🙂

    • Bo Lumpkin Says:

      I bought one of those Power Balance bracelets with the hologram that is supposed to help you keep your balance… My hologram turned completely black. Now that is weird.

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