It Drives Him Nuts

I hope you enjoy the Creatures of Habit Bonus today.  I will try to post another one for Thursday.  Come back tomorrow for some more of  Edna and Mildred.

Check out the Bo Lumpkin site for the second of  four Men In Gray comics this week.


8 Responses to “It Drives Him Nuts”

  1. jb Says:

    Bad pink long legged bird thingy.

  2. SpilledInkGuy Says:

    Hahaha – that’s just wrong. Or is it? Hang on, I’ve gotta’ re-check the math … 🙂

  3. Tony Says:

    Those flamingos sure are such crazy guys

  4. Post of the Week | Life According To Tony Says:

    […] had to link to it as it absolutely cracked me up. It really appealed to my odd sense of humour. CLICK HERE to view […]

  5. Artswebshow Says:


  6. lavenderbay Says:

    Oh, dear.
    Don’t wait for moulting season, or Mr Jenkins will make a nice batch of pink stew.

    (Tony sent me.)

  7. Bearman Says:

    I swear I had 3 over by the pond yesterday.

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