This was titled a relative statement because I have some of the most blissful relatives of anyone.  (This is a sure way to find out if any of my kinfolk are reading my comics.)



  1. Bearman Says:

    We need your kinfolk to start commenting here. Time to let them in on the secret.

    • Bo Lumpkin Says:

      I sent out the word that I wanted my kinfolk to start commenting on my webcomic. One of the comments was:
      What webcomic?
      Another was
      Are you still doin’ that.
      Still yet both my son and daughter said,
      Hey, I really liked the Christmas comic.
      My wife said,
      Are you going to sit there and play with that computer all night.

  2. spilledinkguy Says:

    If Edna is right, I might be nearly invincible! 🙂

  3. sh Says:

    we gotcha number Bo. and it is much easier to post things now. was gonna tell you which ones I like but I don’t remember all the choices. Was afraid if I hit the back button I’d loose all the wisdom imparted but I did and here are my favorites.
    Bo says
    Edna and Mildred
    Aunt Edna
    Kurt and Burt
    The Ladies
    Hospital Humor
    R. E. Cline
    Sarge and Hoss
    I’ve been thinkin’
    I haven’t even seen this place before but I like it. It is the essence(highly recommend spell check) of Bo.

    I have been trying not to share opinions unless asked..but boy howdy you asked.

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