This is the first of some short musings that I decided to put in my own mouth because they really didn’t fit into any of the other strips.  Hope you enjoy. (It also helps to have something easy but still new while I catch up on my drawing and writin’.)

See what Hank has to say on Hank’s Hotline over at the Bo Lumpkin site at

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6 Responses to “BO SAYS 1”

  1. Tony Says:

    You really think just like me…

  2. spilledinkguy Says:

    Robert says this is a great new feature!
    Love it, Bo!

    • Bo Lumpkin Says:

      Thanks Robert. It is something I thought I would try for awhile. I am hoping to have some short stuff like this to fill in the blanks on the days I don’t have something else to post. At least it will be a little something new for everyone. I have a lot of saying’s in my head that don’t really work with a long monologue or for dialogue either. I can kind of use Mildred for the negative stuff but for some of the other stuff I thought I would use me.

  3. Bearman Says:

    So you are bragging on your looks.

  4. Bo Lumpkin Says:

    Yeah Bearman. I think I might be too handsome for my height.

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