Wow. I’m Behind again.

Hi y’all.  It seems that the hurrider I go the behinder I get.  I had planned to post some more interesting stuff about my friends on the web here today but I was blindsided from about three different directions this weekend and didn’t have a chance to get it ready.  (Confession:  I did get into a new storyline for Hank the Handy Man also and now I have about 3 months worth of stuff ready for that so it wasn’t all bad.)  I am going to try to do better…  I am only promising to try.  Please be patient with me… I am an old man.




2 Responses to “Wow. I’m Behind again.”

  1. spilledinkguy Says:

    I wouldn’t worry, Bo – you go hurrider than just about anyone I know! 🙂

    • gatorhead Says:

      Going so fast ain’t so bad most of the time but when you hit the curves sometimes you can see your own tail lights and I am afraid I am going to run over myself.

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