Hi Y’all,  I’m Bo Lumpkin and I have been runnin’ like somethin’ was after me lately.  There are a lot of things goin’ on and I’ve been tryin’ to keep up with them,  keep up with all of you, and still do some drawin’ and writin’. 

We are about to do some serious remodelin’ at Gatorhead Comics where I am the MMIC (Main Man In Charge).   They just parked a new mobile home on our land and we are going to be movin’ into it and I am goin’ to be usin’ the one we live in now for Studio and Office space.  There will be work involved in that.  If I haven’t been leavin’ my normal amount of comments don’t think I ain’t checkin on your site.  I’ve just been busy.  I hope to have another Article on The Good Stuff on here Thursday and I will still be posting all my regular stuff.  I am hopin’ the new studio space will help me increase my productivity and hopefully the quality.

Y’all check out the Creatures of Habit feature over at


One Response to “GATORHEAD UPDATE”

  1. spilledinkguy Says:

    That’s some exciting news, Bo!
    Congratulations, and good luck getting everything all set up! 🙂

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