Hi, I’m Bo Lumpkin and I’ve been thinkin’.  Did you ever notice the things in life you find without really lookin’ for ’em.  I mean the good stuff that you just stumble on by accident.

 My wife and I went to Woodland, Mississippi lookin’ for something in particular and when we told some folks we’d been there they asked us, “Did y’all go by the big Woodland Furniture Outlet while you were up there.”
 We told them we didn’t because we didn’t know it was there. We went back to Woodland this week to take care of some business and while we were there we stopped by the Woodland Furniture Outlet which was an old converted school that was plumb full of all kinds of furniture.  We walked around and looked and as we walked by the office I stuck my head in the door and spoke to the folks inside, which is not something unusual to me.  I don’t shy away from speaking to strangers a bit. 
 The furniture outlet was okay but that ain’t what I discovered that I was so pleased about.   When I stuck my head in the door I noticed a goat asleep in one of the office chairs.  My wife and I went in and were introduced to the goat and we found out that he lives with one of the owners of the place and is housebroken.  It just ain’t every day you see a goat in the office of a successful business.
 We wound up buyin’ a Wicker headboard for a bed and we asked the folks there where was a good place to eat.  They told us of a place called Traceway Restaurant (Just off the Natchez Trace) that had good food.  We stopped by and ordered two 10 ounce ribeyes with salad and baked potato and two big glasses of iced tea and all of it was some kind of good.  The atmosphere was truly Mississippi lunchtime with the place full of workers there for their $4.50 plate lunch.
 The big surprise came when I paid my bill of $21.80 cents for both of our steaks.  It ain’t goin’ to be too long ’til my wife and I go back and visit that goat and stop back by for another couple of ribeyes.

 I’m Bo Lumpkin and I’ve been thinkin’, sometimes the things you just happen up on are better than the ones you plan.  Whatchall been thinkin’?  Y’all leave me a comment or write me an email to or

I met another feller while I was there at  Woodland Outdoors by the name of Ty Thomas and I told him about my web comic.  He didn’t just promise to look at it sometime.  He got his laptop and logged on to it
right then.  I told all of them not to be surprised if they find themselves

wrote about on the internet.

 Y’all can check out Creatures of  Habit on the Bo Lumpkin site and see what them Armadillos are up too by clicking on the link below:


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  1. spilledinkguy Says:

    That’s pretty cool – that goat looks more well behaved than our cat! 🙂

  2. Lynn Says:

    i’ve been thinkin’, “just where the hell have you been all my blog life!” i’m originally from alabama and i love redneck humor! the goat find was awesome and i think it’s great you were prepared with your camera/phone/whatever… 🙂

  3. bearmancartoons Says:

    But does he scratch up the furniture?

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