This is another blast from the past.  I hope you enjoy it.  I have always wanted to use that word Retro and I just did!

News From Gatorhead II

Hi, I’m Bo Lumpkin and I’ve been thinkin’.  Here are some more tidbits from Gatorhead.

A lady from another church called Bro. Ben to visit her sick husband in the hospital.  Bro. Ben went to see him even though he had a very contagious disease.
 After the visit Bro. Ben wondered why she had called him so he asked, “Is your pastor out of town.”
 She answered, “No but we really love him and didn’t want to expose him to such a dreaded disease.” 

 The little girl at a wedding asked her mother  why the bride was dressed completely in white.  The mother answered, “Because it is a joyful ocassion filled with happiness and hope for her.”
“Then why is the groom dressed in black,” she asked.

 A friend of mine at the University said they were going to start offering a course in Psycho-ceramics.  That is the study of crackpots. I reckon there ought to be a waitin’ list for that one.

 I was down at the Grab Sum Grub drinkin’ a Yoohoo the other day and Sherrif Rupert P. Rhondo, and Deputy Dudley Dinkins was havin’ a little argument.  Seems like Dudley had given a ticket to one of the locals for failing to give a signal when they turned.  The sherrif was pretty upset, “Now Dudley, I’ve always told my deputies not to give any tickets for failure to give a signal if the driver is local.  Everyone around here knows where everyone else is goin’ so there ain’t no use in them givin’ a signal.”

I’m Bo Lumpkin and I’ve been thinkin’.  Why don’t ya’ll let everyone know whatchall been thinkin’ too.  Leave a comment, and even if you don’t leave a comment you should at least read ’em.  Sometimes there are some good ones.

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There is a lot of funny goin’ on in the world of Gatorhead


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