Advice from Hank the Handy Man from Gatorhead

Early on I came up with the idea of Hank the Handy Man as an advice columnist.  After writing a few advice columns I decided to develope the Hank The Handy Man 3 panel comic strip featuring Hank, Buster, and Shirley the monkey.  It was at this time that I started to pick up new visitors to my site.   I hope to work  some more on the Hank The Handy Man advice column and when I do I will probably be posting  it here on the Gatorhead site.  You can really help me know which direction to take by leaving comments.  I can use all the help and inspiration I can get.


Dear Hank,

My husband took two weeks vacation to remodel the upstairs but he has spent the whole first week in the bathroom spackling and grouting.  Is there any way he can finish the whole job in two weeks?

puzzled in Pickens

Dear Puzzled,

I had that once myself.  Sounds to me like a bad mess of greens.  It could just be one of ’em viruses though but in either case I don’t think he will be able to finish the job in two weeks.  I wouldn’ use that upstairs bathroom for a while if I was you.


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There is a new Hank The Handy Man comic each Monday and Wednesday with other comics seven days a week.


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